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The requirement of a bat survey is not uncommon especially if you are demolishing a building, breaking into a loft void, or live in a bat-friendly area.

Bat survey reports are required for development projects that may affect protected species. Bats along with Newts, nesting birds, and many other species are all protected under The Wildlife and Countryside Act (as amended) 1981.

At this point, we’d like to give you some good news. Bats almost never stop your development.

But what is the bat survey and mitigation process? Firstly, a preliminary roost assessment (also known as a phase 1 survey) will take place. This process will highlight any potential for bats to live within your structure.

If the potential is shown, then dusk and dawn or emergence bat surveys need to be completed. These bat surveys need to show whether protected species are present in the area, and how they use the site.

If species are detected, then a mitigation plan is designed to show how you’ll avoid, reduce, or manage any negative effects to protected species. Working with your ecologist you need to decide which methods are right for the project you’re working on.

A mitigation licence from Natural England is required. Once received the moving of bats to a new home can then take place.

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