What is a Bat Low Impact Class Licence?

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The bat ‘low impact’ licence (CL21) is a special mitigation class licence, granted to only the most experienced and professional ecologists by Natural England.

The BLILC licences allow us as a registered ecological consultancy to interfere with certain bats and their roosts, without having to apply to a full mitigation licence. Essentially, we have been selected by Natural England as been professional and experienced experts within the field of Bat Survey Ecology.

Naturally, this is a benefit to being able to directly support our client’s development timescale too.

As of April 2019, and despite very strong opposition from ecology consultancies including ourselves, Natural England introduced hourly charges for the mitigation licence.

However, as one of the very few ecology companies in the UK which hold a Bat Low Impact Class Licence, on average, our hourly requirements are much less and we are 60 days faster than others in securing your mitigation documents, ensuring to keep costs even lower and to ensure you have no delays in starting your development.

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