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Reptile Surveys

Reptile surveys are required for a number of reasons. You may have been asked by your architect local planning authority or county ecologist. The most common being to support a planning applications.

Survey reports and mitigation plans are required for development projects that could affect any reptile species.

All UK reptiles are protected by law. Six native species of reptile can be found in Britain. Reptile species including the common lizard, grass snake, slow worm, and adders are commonly found. Smooth snakes and sand lizards, are found mainly along the Dorset & Hampshire coasts.

With an experienced team of fully licensed ecologists, we offer a proven reptile survey strategy with a 100% success in obtaining protected species licences for our clients.

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Reptiles: Surveys and mitigation for planning permission

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal is the basic starting point for most reptile surveys, understanding the ecology on the site and assessing the implications of the proposed development.

Phase 1 Habitat Assessments are requested by Local Planning Authorities, especially if your development proposals are affecting the structure of the Landscape, including projects such as new housing estate, pond fill ins and hedgerow/habitat removal.

After your Preliminary Ecological Assessment, if a potential for reptiles are identified, our team will undertake presence/absence surveys.

Reptile surveys involve a visual search of the site and an artificial refugia survey. During a visual search our surveyor walks the site and looks for reptiles in areas of suitable habitat.

A reptile survey, commonly requires artificial refugia (e.g. corrugated metal, roofing felt squares) placed around the site in habitat where reptiles are most likely to be present. This will allow us to determine reptile status and species

Finally, where the presence of reptiles are confirmed, mitigation work will take place, controlled by a development licence from Natural England.

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Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

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Presence/Absence Reptile Surveys

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