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Nesting Bird Surveys

Nesting bird surveys are required for a number of reasons. You may have been asked by a local planning authority, architect or tree surgeon. The most common being to support the removal of trees.

All nesting birds are protected by law, under the the Habitats Regulations 2010. No matter what the species! The regulation means that it is an offence to intentionally or recklessly damage, destroy or obstruct a bird nest.

Our fully licensed ornithologists are able to undertake all aspects of barn owl and nesting bird surveys. Including; breeding bird surveys, wintering bird surveys and licensed mitigation.

nesting bird surveys

Nesting Birds: Surveys and mitigation for planning permission

Barn Owl and Nesting bird surveys are undertaken where works that could disturb birds, such as hedgerow/tree removal, demolition etc. and result in a breach of legislation are proposed within the breeding season.

The site is surveyed by an experienced ornithologist who will assess the presence of active nests within the habitats to be impacted, Recommendations will then be made to ensure that your development proceeds in accordance with the criteria required by the Authorities.

Barn Owl, wintering bird and nesting bird surveys are often undertaken for larger developments and tree surgeons, where it is necessary to provide robust ornithological report inline with an Ecological Impact Assessment.

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Nesting Bird Surveys

Nesting bird surveys

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