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Protected Species Surveys

The Chase Ecology team hold years of experience in providing Protected Species Surveys. Our licensed team offer surveys for Bats, Newts, Nesting Birds, Reptiles and all UK protected species.

With a skilled team of professional and fully licensed ecologists, we are able to offer protected species mitigation for all of the UK’s protected species. We’ll work with you and your local planning authority to ensure your planning permission and development projects go smoothly.

We’re proud of our extensive experience of implementing compensation and enhancement strategies for bats, newts and many other species. We have a 100% success in obtaining protected species licences for our clients.

Protected Species Surveys

Protected Species & Mitigation Plans

With a skilled team of professional licensed ecologists, we are able to offer a comprehensive level of protected species services, while fully catering for your planning applications and developments.

We’re proud of our 100% success rate of designing and implementing mitigation, compensation and enhancement strategies. We’re experts in obtaining protected species licences and consulting with local planning authorities and statutory agencies in the fastest and most cost effective ways.

Our range of protected species surveys are suitable when a development is proposed that has the potential to impact the local biodiversity in some way.

A survey can assess an area for valuable species, habitats and plant life. This allows local planning authorities to gather enough information to make a proper decision on whether the development would have an adverse effect on wildlife in the area.