Habitat Services

Habitat Services

The Chase Ecology team provide a full solution to habitat & environmental services, from landscape architecture to habitat creation, invasive species management, and Geospatial (GIS) Mapping.

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At Chase Ecology we provide full-service habitat management, meaning all your habitat needs are professional and safe in our hands.

Our habitat services team are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to planning guidelines and ecological impacts, ensuring your development is completed within the law, and reports are completed quickly.

Our expertise lies within all ecosystems with dedicated experts in landscape architecture, habitat creation, and sourcing, GIS mapping, as well as invasive species management.

Our clients come from a range of sectors, including both domestic and commercial developers. We work closely with our clients, Local planning authorities, and other organisations to ensure your environmental planning consents are successful and the impacts of developments on species and their habitats in professionally managed.

From preliminary ecological appraisals to full living ecosystems in a few simple steps.

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We’re one of the very few bat survey consultancies that hold a Bat Low Impact Class Licence with Natural England. This means that on average we are 60 days faster than others in securing your bat mitigation licence.

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Our speedy, honest, reliable, and common sense approach means we’ve become of the UK’s leading ecology experts.

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Landscape Architecture

Working closely with our ecological consultants, our landscape designers help steer sustainable outcomes on projects of any size or complexity.

We’re able to contribute to strategic development plans, masterplans for new housing development sites and mixed-use developments, major infrastructure projects as well as domestic garden or land design for biodiversity growth, green building solutions (green roofs, etc.), and full ecological habitats.

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Habitat Creation & Management

Working closely with our landscape designers, We develop habitat creation plans and help to source materials to create or improve and enhance biodiversity and the associated benefits that arise from native ecosystems.

Our habitat creation service considers all the needs of the ecosystem. We start with a masterplan of native flora species and introduce balanced food chains, in order to maintain diverse, healthy, and sustainable populations of plants and wildlife.

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Geospatial (GIS) Mapping

Working closely with our ecological consultants, our GIS Mapping experts help steers sustainable outcomes on projects of any size or complexity.

We use the 3D capabilities of GIS to visualise data from preliminary ecological appraisals which gives us additional perspectives of your development sites and proposed solutions. We use multidimensional views and tools to provide robust techniques for calculating and modelling sustainable outcomes across a study area to identify hotspots requiring careful management.

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Invasive Species Management 

Our Invasive species management services help minimise the impact of invasive species on ecosystems and encourage the health of native plants and wildlife.

Invasive species, such as Japanese knotweed, Grey squirrel, and Glis glis (edible dormouse) can create serious biodiversity and ecological cascades, which can wipe out complete ecosystems without correct management. Our services ensure developers and landowners, halt the damage caused, and ensure they keep within the law.

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Chase Ecology is an independent specialist ecology consultancy for both domestic and commercial clients across a range of sectors throughout the UK. Over the years, we have build up fantastic relationships with local planning authorities for a fast and efficient process, meaning we’re always happy to consult with your local county ecologist or planning officer and statutory agencies for a quick and successful planning application. Our speedy, honest, reliable, and common sense approach means we’ve become of the UK’s leading protected species experts. Our personal approach means we are here to help with any advice with a simple phone call.

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