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Environmental Services

Our skilled team of environmentalists and ecologists has years of experience in providing environmental services and solutions for all aspects of environmental and ecological developments.

Our environmental services include:

Newt & Reptile FencingImpact AssessmentsClerk of WorksBiodiversity Offsetting

environmental services

Ecological Environmental Services

We offer a vast range of environmental services to balance our ecology survey work and for your development projects.

Reptile and Newt Fencing

Reptile and Newt fencing is installed for a variety of different reasons including to prevent reptiles and newts from entering the construction zone during the works and allowing mitigation works to take place in a Reptile and GCN zone alongside trapping and translocation, whereby pitfall traps (buckets) and artificial refugia (carpet tiles) are installed into the ground inside and touching the fence line.

With the above in mind, developers and principle contractors often require fencing to be installed very soon after receipt of the EPS licence with all terms and conditions to be strictly adhered to under the supervision of the the Ecological Clerk of Works – choosing TSL guarantees all of the above.

Impact Assessments

We have a specialist Impact Assessment (EcIA) officer with years of experience in providing ecological support to clients.

Our EcIA officer has a huge array of knowledge and understanding of both complex and small scale projects, meaning we are able to collate and review baseline survey data from existing survey reports and data provided by relevant authorities, Consultation with nature conservation stakeholders, Evaluate ecological resources on site at a geographical scale, Identify potential impacts and effects in the absence of mitigation along with many other aspect for a full high quality EcIA.

We offer full support for both the pre-planning and post-planning phases of your required development.

Ecological Clerk of Works

Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) services typically include the preparation of documents before construction works start and delivery of ecological requirements to meet key development phases. We work with site personnel, so as to avoid mishaps or breaking of any conservation or wildlife legislations, and so that the develop complies with planning commitments and the ecological milestones outlined in the principal contractor documents.

The ECoW officer also works to identify and resolve any ecological issues, however minor, that could otherwise bring criticism of the construction, and ensures that the workforce are aware of their responsibilities and that work continues in accordance with the project plan and legislations.

Bio Diversity Offsetting

Biodiversity Offsetting is the principle of compensating for biodiversity losses resulting from a development by implementing conservation activities that deliver measurable biodiversity benefits at another location or near by site. The preference in the planning system is that ecological impacts resulting from development activity are avoided where possible, and mitigated for when they are unavoidable. Compensation is only turned to when unavoidable residual impacts remain.

We hold great experience of offsetting, utilising data on the existing habitats present, the proposed development layout and landscaping, we can calculate losses and gains of biodiversity. We provide you with suggestions as to how the site layout and landscaping proposals can be amended to minimise impacts on biodiversity, and also offer offsetting schemes throughout the UK to compensate for your losses.