Ecology Services

Ecology Services

The Chase Ecology team hold years of experience in providing a full range of ecology services including preliminary ecological assessments, biodiversity Net Gain, and carbon offsetting.

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At Chase ecology services, we live, sleep, eat ecology, meaning all your ecological needs are professional and safe in our hands.

Our licenced ecology services team are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to planning guidelines and ecological impacts, ensuring your development is completed within the law, and reports are completed quickly.

Our expertise lies within all ecosystems with dedicated experts in bats, birds, newts, reptiles, and other protected species and habitats.

Our clients come from a range of sectors, including both domestic and commercial developers. We work closely with our clients, Local planning authorities, and other organisations to ensure your environmental planning consents are successful and the impacts of developments on species and their habitats in professionally managed.

From watching briefs and ecology surveys to preliminary ecological appraisals and impact assessments, we’re here to assist you with every stage of your development.

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We’re one of the very few bat survey consultancies that hold a Bat Low Impact Class Licence with Natural England. This means that on average we are 60 days faster than others in securing your bat mitigation licence.

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Our speedy, honest, reliable, and common sense approach means we’ve become of the UK’s leading ecology experts.

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Preliminary Ecological Appraisals

From just £348

Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, also known as Phase 1 surveys, are usually the basic starting point for most ecology consultancy services of new development sites. Often they are required as part of planning applications prior to permission been approved.

The first step to understanding the ecology of the site and assessing the implications of the proposed development. The assessment process provides coverage for a variety of flora and fauna and applies the methodologies set out by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

The report and findings from a preliminary ecological survey will set out a baseline for more detailed or specific protected species surveys. 

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Ecological Clerk Of Works (ECoW)

From just £298

Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) services typically includes the preparation of documents before construction works start and delivery of ecological requirements to meet key development phases. We work with site personnel, so as to avoid mishaps or breaking of any conservation or wildlife legislations, and so that the development complies with planning commitments and the ecological milestones outlined in the principal contractor documents.

The ECoW officer also works to identify and resolve any ecological issues, however minor, that could otherwise bring criticism of the construction and ensures that the workforce are aware of their responsibilities and that work continues in accordance with the project plan and legislations.

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Biodiversity Net Gain & Carbon Offsetting

From just £15

Biodiversity Net Gain is the principle of compensating for biodiversity losses resulting from development by implementing conservation activities that deliver measurable biodiversity benefits at another location or nearby site. The preference in the planning system is that ecological impacts resulting from development activity are avoided where possible, and mitigated for when they are unavoidable. Compensation is only turned to when unavoidable residual impacts remain.

We hold a great experience of offsetting, utilising data on the existing habitats present, the proposed development layout and landscaping, we can calculate losses and gains of biodiversity. We provide you with suggestions as to how the site layout and landscaping proposals can be amended to minimise impacts on biodiversity, and also offer offsetting schemes throughout the UK to compensate for your losses.

To further this service, we offer a carbon offsetting ecology service, whereby your company can start its own forest today!

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Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA)

From just £348

We have a specialist Impact Assessment (EcIA) officer with years of experience in providing ecological support to clients.

Our EcIA officer has a huge array of knowledge and understanding of both complex and small scale projects, meaning we are able to collate and review baseline survey data from existing survey reports and data provided by relevant authorities, Consultation with nature conservation stakeholders, Evaluate ecological resources on-site at a geographical scale, Identify potential impacts and effects in the absence of mitigation along with many other aspects for a full high-quality EcIA.

We offer full support for both the pre-planning and post-planning phases of your required development.

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Chase Ecology is an independent specialist ecology consultancy for both domestic and commercial clients across a range of sectors throughout the UK. Over the years, we have build up fantastic relationships with local planning authorities for a fast and efficient process, meaning we’re always happy to consult with your local county ecologist or planning officer and statutory agencies for a quick and successful planning application. Our speedy, honest, reliable, and common sense approach means we’ve become of the UK’s leading protected species experts. Our personal approach means we are here to help with any advice with a simple phone call.

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