Ecological Mitigation & Compensation

Ecological Mitigation can be required for a number of reasons. You may have protected species in and around your development site. For example a Bat roost or Newts in a waterways.

Compensation methods and mitigation are an essential part of development schemes where any protected species or habitats are present. With a team of highly experienced ecologists, we offer a proven compensation strategy with a 100% success in obtaining ecological mitigation licences for planning permission.

Moreover, we work fast and effectively to ensure minimal delay to your project. Each development is unique, meaning each mitigation we carry out is specifically designed to ensure our clients get the best possible product and value for money.

ecological mitigation

Mitigation: Ecology compensation for planning permission

Mitigation and compensation plans are designed to limit the effects of any development work. By enabling wildlife and habitats to be protected during the building.

Mitigation requires careful thought and planning. We work closely with local planning authorities, your project manager and yourself to ensure the mitigation process is fast and cost effective. With years of experience in compensation methods for protected species and associated habitats such as; Bat Mitigation, newt habitats and reptile translocations.

Mitigation methods may include creating artificial homes such as bat roosts, newt ponds, reptile refusia and nesting bird boxes.