Bat Surveys in Solihull: How the council are leading the way in bat conservation.

Been asked to undertake Bat Surveys in Solihull, Shirley, or surrounding areas, may come as a surprise to you, your builders, or your architect. However, Solihull Borough Council’s planning department has become the leading organisation, nationally, in working to protect endangered species. In the mid-2000s Solihull Metropolitan Bough Council outlined its plans to... Read More

Great Crested Newt eDNA Analysis: What are the benefits of GCN eDNA within ecology?

Great Crested Newt eDNA has been probably the best revolution within environmental science this decade. Despite this, we still keep getting asked, what is it? How does it work? And How is GCN eDNA allowing us to be at the forefront of ecology? With the rapid development of technology and industry, as well as increasing human activity in nature, lots of pollution... Read More
bat eDNA

Bat Speciation: Using Bat eDNA to identify protected species

Bat eDNA. What is it? How does it work? And How is it allowing us to be at the forefront of ecology? Although Environmental DNA has revolutionised the way we use forensic science within ecology within in water for a few years now, the advances in bat eDNA extraction made by our partner SureScreen, means we are... Read More

What is Environmental DNA (eDNA) and how it’s helping ecology

Environmental DNA or eDNA testing is the process of sampling nuclear DNA that is released from an organism into its habitat. The most common sources of eDNA include faeces, mucous, shed skin, hair and carcasses. Thanks to recent science, we can now test for eDNA for a range of aquatic organisms in water samples at even very small populations. However, aquatic... Read More

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– John Muir

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