Bat Surveys in Gloucestershire

There are surprises around every corner while undertaking Bat Surveys in Gloucestershire.

We have been monitoring bats on an estate and farm throughout Gloucestershire over the past 2 years.

The adjoining farmhouse and barns are been converted into private dwellings throughout 2020.

Bat Roost Assessment

During the PRA, The farmhouse itself offered very little for bat roosting.

However, the adjacent barn was littered with bat droppings from various species.

Feeding remains from Lesser Horseshoe and Brown Long-eared bats were also present.

Gloucestershire Bat Activity Surveys

Based on evidence gathered during the preliminary roost assessment, additional bat surveys would be required.

As it was already August we undertook the first of a series of activity surveys.

The activity was minimal with just a few bats passing the area, yet, a Myotis has emerged from one of the outbuildings.

A year later and our team returned to the site to start another round of bat surveys.

Again with it being a rather quiet survey.

However this time we did pick up both Lesser and Greater Horseshoe echolocations.

A third visit to the site, revealed that bother Lesser horseshoe’s and Brown Long-eared were using the barn for foraging and night roosting.

The Final Bat Survey in Gloucestershire

Arriving early with excitement to undertake the final bat survey in Gloucestershire, we took along the infrared equipment.

The landowner is very keen to implement the right environment for the bats within the design of the project.

An infrared camera was placed inside the open doorway to see what activity we could pick up.

Luckily, we managed to pick up some great footage of the lesser horseshoe and BLE foraging around the downstairs area.

Bat Mitigation Gloucestershire

The next steps for this project will be continued monitoring of the site.

We will also work with the landowner to design the perfect solution to retain the environment for the bats using the area.

Furthermore, Chase Ecology will, with support of Natural England, implement a mitigation strategy for the development.

Finally, we’ll run a continued yearly monitoring programme.


We're one of the very few ecology companies in the UK that hold a Bat Low Impact Licence with Natural England. This means that on average we are 60 days faster than others in securing your mitigation documents to ensure you have no delays in starting your development.

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